Do you know what a Disclaimer is and why it’s so important? The Nova Vaga Blog is committed to maintaining an extremely clear and transparent relationship with you, the reader. We know that this term, in English, is still not widely known here in Brazil. So, first and foremost, let us explain exactly what the Disclaimer of the Nova Vaga Blog is and why you should be aware of it! Firstly, understand that the purpose of this section is to provide relevant information that facilitates and improves your interaction with our platform. Overlooking or being unaware of this information can lead to misguided choices and incorrect assumptions about our blog. And we don’t want that to happen, right? Our goal is to always offer the best experience to the readers of the Nova Vaga Blog! Below, we’ve listed some information that we consider important for you to know. Let’s go!


The Nova Vaga Blog does not, under any circumstances, request money for the release of any type of financial product, whether it be a credit card, financing, or loan. If this happens, please notify us immediately through the Contact section.


The Nova Vaga Blog team works to keep the information published on the domain (SITE) as up-to-date as possible. However, this information may differ from that found on the websites of financial institutions or service providers of a specific site. We are not responsible for any discrepancies between data published on the Nova Vaga Blog and the respective information disseminated through other means, whether physical or digital, including official sources related to the product/service in question. Always read the terms of use and acquisition of financial institutions you intend to engage with.


How do we make money? The Nova Vaga Blog offers content that is 100% open to the public, meaning there are no user-paid subscription plans. Revenue comes exclusively from advertisements on our site and from our partners. When we refer a user, and they request a product or proposal, we receive a small amount for it. The content curation of the Nova Vaga Blog is carried out by a journalism management team, based on newsworthiness criteria and the audience’s interests. In addition, articles and news are also directly influenced by our partners, including the order of the “best” texts and where these products appear on the site. It’s important to note that everything we publish is based on quantitative and qualitative evaluations of each product.

Services and Data

The Nova Vaga Blog, through email marketing or SMS services, will not send content with links directed to other portals, except for those registered in the domain (SITE). Therefore, we cannot be held responsible if a message (email or SMS) is directed in your name with a domain different from the one mentioned above. Therefore, before clicking on the link, it is the USER’s responsibility to VERIFY if the address is the same as indicated in this section. If it is not, the Nova Vaga Blog advises that the content (message) be deleted, moved to the SPAM folder, or deleted from the mobile device.